Some of My Favorite TED Talks.

Some of My Favorite TED Talks.

I have a forty- five minute drive to work almost every day, and no matter what music I listened to I would always fall into this driving haze and just be on autopilot. I would try and try to shake myself out of it but nothing would work until I started listing to TED talks while driving! I had always had their app and listened to the TED radio hour on my local NPR station. But in listening to these talks on my way to work, left me feeling inspired and recharged. I told every one of the women I work with about TED and not one of them had heard of it…I was surprised at these women. SO, I made them a list of my favorite talks, now they (and you) can hear some the ones that influence me everyday. I hope you enjoy!

Beautiful & Inspiring Talks

This was one of the fist TED’s I ever listened to and it really blew my mind.

I know the title on this one sounds a little morbid but trust me its uplifting.

I stumbled upon this one totally on accident and am crazy thankful I did, its full of laughs and realizations about the world we all live in.

Oh Honey! This one about saying yes, and how we can all get swept up in our everyday lives as well as the fear we all carry with us. Working moms this one is for you!

I hope at least one of these inspire you to see from a different point of view.

I hope you enjoy listening to some of my favorites!

If you have any TED talks you just love and want to share with me leave them in a comment down below! 




How much SHOULD we expect from our partners?

How much SHOULD we expect from our partners?

We all have expectations on how things are going to go in just about every aspect of our lives and our partners are no exception. What started all of this was me watching one of my favorite shows Sex and the City. So every one of these characters had these huge exceptions for the men they were either dating, were leaving to go on a date with or hadn’t even met! It seemed crazy to me at the time… but I soon realized I was doing the same thing and I didn’t even realize!

When I moved in with Dillon I had A LOT of different things (straight up crazy things) that I expected. He is the first person I have lived with it just us before! I honestly didn’t know what to expect! I was intentionally as well as unintentionally expecting certain things from him. This kind of shocked me once I realized what I was doing! So I decided to make a list of all of the things I was expecting from him and honestly myself since we moved in together and I’m am going to share some of them with you… well some of the less embarrassing ones. One word perfection I was expecting perfection! Which is ridiculous! We are people I was expecting something that doesn’t exist. Crazy right?

We all expect a lot of our partners, as we should, however I found a lot of my expectations where conflicting… like I expected him to be consistent but still be spontaneous at the same time.  I do this all the time even without noticing and it drives me crazy, it makes me feel like he isn’t meeting my expectations (even though he is doing that and more!) Does anyone else find themselves doing this? Like how can I expect him to have a full time job but still make time for me. Do you find yourself doing this as well, expecting your partner to do things but at the same time expecting the exact opposite?

Now that you know some of the weirder things I expect from my partner lets talk about some things you should always  expect from your partner. To start this list we have time and no I don’t mean ” yeah we totally talked on the phone for like ten minutes three days ago and I think I am in love!…what do you mean has he texted me back?…it doesn’t matter we are in love!” I mean time, dates, parties, back-roading  (if you grew up like me) I mean genuine quality time together. Here are some more things you should expect and get from your partner…

  • to listen
  • to help you
  • to be noticed by them
  • for them to give effort to the relationship
  • physical touch
    • now I know this is a tough one for you all in a long distance couples and I don’t know your relationship. If you see each other regularly and you have a mutually beneficial relationship then that’s great! However, if you have been together for a while and have never physically met each other? I don’t see how that is a positive relationship for both of you.
  • for everyone to be open and honest with each other.
  • forgiveness
    • We all have pasts (that we can’t change) and it is so not fair to hold people’s pasts against them. They can’t change it, so please don’t be that person who makes them feel awful for things they can’t change.
  • unconditional love
    •  If someone loves you or if you love someone else there should be no conditions! “Oh I will love you IF…” just doesnt work, I just makes you feel really bad on the inside

I know every relationship is different and everyone is different, I’m not telling you these things to restrain what a good relationship is we are all different in our own unique ways and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Just do the best you can, love unconditionally and try your best not to expect too much!

The hottest trends for Summer 2019!

The hottest trends for Summer 2019!

Who is not ready for summer?! I for one am VERY ready for warm weather…and the new lines of clothing!! I have been flipping through all of the magazings, and reading all the articles I can get my eyes on., just for all of you! So without due here are 2019 spring/ summer trends and the

Let’s start with the base of every brands that outfit the color! Some of the hottest colors this season may surprise you!


  • Muted Pastels

    • Pink

    • Green

    • Purple

    • Blue

    • Yellow

    • Coral

  • Neutrals

    • Olive Green

    • Creme

    • Yellows

    • Orange

    • White

    • Gray

    • Brown

      • Lots of variations of brows
  • Lime Green


  • Tye-Dye

  • Polka Dots

  • Plaid

  • Mixed Prints



  • Bermuda Shorts

  • Cargo Pants

  • Feathers

  • Bows…Big Bows

  • Knee Length Skirts and Dresses

  • Preppy

    • Kitten Heels

    • Plaid Summer Tweed Blazers

    • Muted Pastels (as mentioned above)

Okay, that’s all you should need to know for your seasonal shopping! I’ve got a few tips to help you put together the best outfits in a flash!

*A quick tip for wearing naturals is that metallic tones ALWAYS look bomb with them!

* If you are going for the preppy look adding a ponytail can really help you convey your look with confidence a clean lines.

How to… become a universally respected and admired professional.

How to… become a universally respected and admired professional.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or new to an office receptionist? Or have you been in your office for a long time but wondering why you keep getting passed over for that promotion? If any or either of these apply to you then here is the article for you! I’ve created a quick notes version for office success.


Okay, let’s start with what everyone sees about you first, your outfit. What you wear speaks volumes about you before you even open your mouth… so you need to make sure that what you “say” with what you wear is appropriate, thoughtful, and intelligent.

When getting dressed whether it’s for your day at your new job or your thousandth day on the job, you should always dress professionally, in a timeless style that is appropriate for everything and everyone you will be meeting throughout your day. And don’t be scared of the word “timeless”, they are called that for a reason, all of the pieces no matter where you work or where you are these pieces will shine through.

Some staple pieces you will need for a “timeless” style include;

  • a black pencil skirt
  • a white button up blouse
  • at least three suits (or more depending on where you work)
  • two silk scarves (one black, one navy)
  • several pairs of comfortable heels
  • dresses (at least knee length), skirts (also knee length)
  • blouses ( the trick with these is that you can re wear any trousers you get, as long as you change out the blouses).

I’m sure there are many more pieces that you can will need but these are just a few that you will likely need in your capsule wardrobe. A great place to get almost all of these pieces is Talbots, I know many of you know this store as you grandmothers and great aunts favorite clothing store but I have to say even being twenty two I really like a lot of their styles, they are suprising on trend with all of their pieces while balancing elegant and timeless pieces.


Here are some tips for being a respectable as well as well as professional women,

  • Speak with purpose
    • Never let your emotions fuel your words.
    • Keep gossip out of your mind and mouth.
    • Curse words, it’s difficult when you get used to saying them but it can make you sound unintelligent.
  • Make sure when you are talking, you get to the point
    • I know it’s a strange thing to suggest but so many people will just ramble on and on about basically nothing, and that does NOT look good when your boss sees you.


The only thing you need to do is to act with self-respect and dignity. Many young women were never taught how to to act in a professional environment or any environment for that matter. However if you keep you self-respect and dignity in and out of the office, you will be a respectable and professional women in no time!!

Quick Tip*

Make sure even when you are not in the office that you are dressed appropriately, not that I’m saying that you should be in a suit 24-7, but what I am saying is that what if you see a prospective client at the grocery store and you are in pajama pants, your hair in a big messy bun and a low cut shirt. The likelihood of  this prospective client singing with your company will likely diminish substantially. But if you had been dressed appropriately you could have had a nice chat with you prospective client and possibly strengthened your relationship!

I hope some of these tips and tricks help you out to be your best professional self!!!

For when you don’t feel like yourself…

For when you don’t feel like yourself…

Do you ever not feel like yourself?

photo of woman
Photo by Tobi on

This happened to me not to long ago, I had just moved to a new city, and started a new job. I had just jumped into this new life and never adjusted to it . I’d been feeling less and less like myself, like I was just in this funk and I had no idea how to get out of it. Then I got to thinking about what makes me…well me. As I though about it I realized that all I needed was to watch my core movies (you know the ones you can watch like a thousand times and NEVER tire of), re-read my favorite books and listen to my favorite songs! And that’s exactly what I did… So here is my list, and little notes on why I love them!


architecture building business cinema
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  • Sex and the City
    • If you have been following me you know I have always know I started watching this show when I was  in high school and I guess that is why it always resonates with me when I get in a funk. The characters are so easy to relate to at any age.
  • Legally Blonde
    • I mean come on if you are a girl from the south, or really from anywhere for that matter, and Reese Witherspoon is not one of your idols… we just can’t be friends. plus I love haw Ellie pushes herself to be her best self!
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    • This one is a classic, and will always have a special place in my heart. This movie is witty, romantic, full of fun and a little heart ace, so basically just perfect! Plus I’ve always loved Audrey Hepburn’s movies. She was always so fashionable, as well as classy and a truly amazing roll model for women around the world.


black vinyl record playing on turntable
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I was raised in a family that LOVED all kinds of music. There was constantly music playing in the house I grew up in. So here are a few of my favorite songs from now and when I was a teen.


  • Sugar Daddy by The Pistol Annies
  • Money by Cardi B
  • What Would it Take by Anderson East
  • Crazy by Kehlani


  •  Shake it Out by Florence + the Machine
  • 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
  • Me and My Girls by Fifth Harmony
  • And basically anything by Ke$ha

Music has always had such an effect on my mood. The right song can almost instantly change my mood for the better.


  • The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Firstenberg
    •  This one is very special. From the moment that I learned about DVF and saw her designs I was obsessed! Her book was such a pleasure to read and to get an insight into this amazing woman’s life, her struggles and
  • The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks
    •  I love this romantic novel. It is full of love, heart ace and a how time changes people for better and worse.
  • How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh
    • I’ve loved Lilly’s youtube channel since I was in high school. Her videos were always so funny and insightful, like a breath of fresh air, and her book was no exception. It is colorful, insightful as well as well as full of great advice.

Well there you have it…my list of me. What are some movies, books or songs that take you back and remind you who you are? Let me know in the comments down below!!

How to Get Ready in 15 mins. or less!

How to Get Ready in 15 mins. or less!

“You woke up late again huh?  Isn’t that the second time this week?”   If your anything like me, you wake up late and have a conversation like this maybe once or twice a week and if so this article is for you! 

Lets start with your outfit…

When I’m in a hurry I always start with my outfit but then I try on like three or four then realize that I can’t do this with out my makeup and hair done… so on to make up and hair.

Make-Up and Hair 

So my hair is (usually) pretty easy to work with on a daily basis. I just have to run a straightener through it and that is really nice. With the time constant make sure to do something really simple but be sure you do something to it! Nothing makes you look like you didn’t put in any effort like some crazy hair! Even if it’s simply brushing your hair and applying some anti-frizz spray along with some hair spray, it will make a world of difference!! As far as make up if time does not permit then I just implement my “go to”  makeup routine. Never leaving out applying my moisturizer at the beginning. I just go simple with a pink blush color eye shadow and mascara and some quick  application of highlighter to my cheekbone and I’m done in under 10 minutes in the bathroom.

 OK Back to Your Outfit!!

You could just go with the first you try in but whats the fun in that?!

woman in pink suit coat leaning on green steel fenceBut no matter how many outfits you can try on in 5 minutes, it’s always best to go with a very simple outfit. I LOVE taking fashion risks but a rushed day is not a rushed day! These days are simple, classic outfit days! I think its best to go with a dress, or a romper if the weather permits if not a pair of dark wash jeans along with a white framed eyeglasses on white jacket and blue denim bottoms If you still want to add a little pzazz to it add your best pair of shoes like in this picture I provided with the perfect pink suit on the far left.

Even though this day didn’t start out perfect doesn’t mean you can’t look perfect!!  I hope some of these tips help you in the fifteen minutes before you have to leave! 

 -Have a fabulous day, Bailey.


How to make your new place into your new home!

How to make your new place into your new home!

I recently moved out for the first time on my own…well not all on my own I moved in with my boyfriend. And that was a HUGE step for me, I have never lived away from my family before. SO needless to say I was terrified and excited (like crazy excited!!) So as we were moving our stuff into our new home I noticed a few things we coulda shoulda woulda done differently and I kept a list of all of the hickups and I’m going to share them with you so you don’t make the same mistakes we did!!

No matter if you are moving into an apartment or a big house, I have some great tips for you to use before and after you get to your new place! I learned most of the things the hard way, so please read this before you move!

  1.  As you are packing up try to visualize where you are going to put everything before you pack it.
  2. Also you aren’t going to get it right the first time, so don’t be afraid to move it… like five hundred times!


Once you get to your new home the first thing you do is unpack your Bluetooth speaker or(in my case) your record player and crank your favorite songs up!! Music makes unpacking  a lot easier!

(This was the first thing I set up!)

So, at this point all of your major furniture, boxes (oh SO many boxes) anyway, so your furniture is at least kinda close to where you want it, and the boxes are just everywhere (and NO ONE can help with that one!)

Once you get everything (kinda) set up, you can do a few things to help you and your partner or just you settle in to your new place! So the first thing I did was grab a bunch of candles and places them around the house and simply lighting them makes your new house feel a little more like home. Another thing I did which really made me feel better about my new space was to make some sweets with your first dinner. When you make dinner make sure you make some comfort food for you and your partner, that way you feel more comfortable in y’all’s new space!!

Staying IN!!

So the truly fantastic thing about having your own space is the face that you can stay in! If you want to have a party… HAVE A HOUSEWARMING PARTY!  If you just moved in with your man (like I did) christen THAT HOUSE!! Stay up and watch your favorite movies with your new rommie! No matter what you do just make that new space yours! 

I really hope this article helps you with your next move!!

The best ways to work off those holiday calories, for the coming seasons!

The best ways to work off those holiday calories, for the coming seasons!

So if you are like me you ate like thirty-five cookies and THEN eating Christmas dinner. And thanksgiving was about the same but thirty-five rolls instead of cookies… So, I made a list of my favorite physical activities to kinda work off  those cookies!

Okay so most people say they can’t workout in the colder month because (duh) its to cold out, and that is NO excuse! Here are some fun and mostly free things to get that heart pumping and fat melting off. (Take that cookies!)  The first activity to do in the winter is to eat a cleaner diet! By just switching out a few things in your everyday life can really impact your health in a big way… ha! man I could barely get through typing that without laughing! My favorite thing to do anytime of year is to have sex. Give me a minute to explain! Don’t judge me just yet! Did you know that during the average sex secession men burn up to 4.2 calories per minute and women burn up to 3.1 calories, making the total for men 100 calories and women a total of 69 calories per “session”! Isn’t that the best thing you have ever heard!! Yep! So now you have a REALLY good reason, I mean besides the obvious reasons to have sex, and a bunch of sex at that!

woman hiking

So in springtime you can do so many outdoorsy things without even getting to hot! So, it is the perfect time of year to do everything outside! I am very lucky to live next to one of our nations great state parks. So I have almost every outdoor activity just a fifteen minute drive away. And mostly everything you can do in a state park is free (minus gas) and its fantastic! My boyfriends favorite thing to do is hiking around the park. He always picks out the best trails to. It really is one of his favorite thing to do. When I am home on the farm my brothers and I like to ride around the farm. And if I’m being totally honest riding bikes never did feel like working out and that is a great feeling.

crown group modern motion

                                                      However, my number one favorite way of burning off calories is shopping. Yes shopping and no I don’t have any money so its manly me just walking around looking at things and wishing I could buy them… I guess that’s where the cardio comes in. 👠



So there are some of my favorite things to do to work off some of those cookies and rolls from your holiday season!

So Ya Got a Cold?

So Ya Got a Cold?

       So every year I get an awful cold right before Halloween especially since I got diagnosed with my autoimmune diseases. Due to my autoimmune diseases my colds were always wayyyy worse than my family member’s colds. So, over the years I’ve been keeping track of the best tips and tricks to help with your cold. 

One of the worst parts about having a cold in my opinion is the how it affects the nose. I go between having a runny nose and not being able to breathe and neither of these are particularity at all. I made a breakthrough discovery to help four words Vicks Plus Lotion Tissues!  I also notice that when I drink or eat a lot of dairy, I get extra congested. In  addition to keeping my dairy intake down I also keep a humidifier in my room and that keeps me from waking up all gross feeling and congested.

If you end up with a bad sore throat I’ve got some recipes to hopefully help you out like this next two recipes to sooth your sore throat! So first we will start with the twenty-one plus drink, and then move on to the super simple one that is good for every age.

  • Hot Toddy

    • okay so for a hot toddy you will need person pouring liquid into brown ceramic cup
      • a big mug
      • honey
        • to taste
      • one lemon
        • to taste
      • your choice of whisky
        • I prefer the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
      • cinnamon sticks or cloves
        • optional
  1.  Combine your one shot, which is a standard 1.5 ounces, of your chosen whisky into a pot along with your honey,  freshly squeezed lemon juice, cinnamon sticks or  cloves.
  2. Bring mixture to a simmer, continuing to stir the mixture for about five to ten minutes depending on how many cups you are making.
  • Hot Lemon Water

    • So this one is CRAZY simple.. you only need three things.
      • two mugs
      • one lemon
      • and hot water
      • honey ( if wanted)
  1. Put two cups of water into your kettle and bring to a boil.
  2. Pour water into your mugs ,then squeeze ( I like half a lemon in each mug), and you can always add honey at the end if you like.

Another few things you can include into your diet are anti-inflammatory foods. See when you get a cold or stuffy nose it is because of inflammation. Here are just a few of easy to include into any diet.

  • Green Tea

    assorted color box lot on rack
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  • Olive Oil
  • Fermented Foods
    • Pickles
    • Sauerkraut
  • Tomatoes
  • Tart Cherries
  • Pineapple
  • Leafy Greens
    • Spinach
    • Kale
    • Collard Greens
  • Fatty Fish
    • Salmon
    • Tuna
    • Sardines
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Pepper

And here are some things that are inflammatory promoting foods that you should defiantly avoid when you have any kind of illness.

  • Sugar
    • this one is huge because it is SO hard to avoid.
  • Refined Carbs
    • white bread
    • Pastries

Well I hope that my drink recipes and my tips  as well as my list of foods helps you with your next cold. See you next time!

-Miss Legit 

finding the job…and ACING the interview.

finding the job…and ACING the interview.

Happy November to you all!  So I don’t know about you but this year has been all about  change for me. How about you? What has been your life’s main theme so far this year? For me I know it’s change because I met an amazing man last year and from the moment I saw him I knew my life wouldn’t be the same but anyway! I moved in with him and had to find a new job and that is what I wanted to talk to you about in this post, having recently gone through the whole ordeal I figured my insight could be helpful.

So, finding the jobs can be done using one or all of these methods I listed below;

  • newspaper
  • online
  • in person
  • friends and family

I used all four of these methods to get my new job. I used Ziprecruier the most and it was crazy helpful! At first online searching was the easiest but I do caution you. If a job seems just to good to be true… it might be! The internet is such an amazing tool, that we are very privileged to have access to, however there will always be awful people taking advantage of others. If you think this might be happening but you don’t know for sure try finding a Facebook for the business or a website, but no job is worth your body and possibly life. But enough with the dark side of the internet, lets move on!

So, the second thing you will need, and no one told me this, is time. Yep, time! I am very impatient.. like VERY impatient. So this part was hard for me because I thought something was wrong with me but with theses bigger corporations it has to go through so many hands its impossible to get a word back super quick. I also learned a very valuable lesson this time around was to CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! I hadn’t heard anything back from any of the companies I had applied for over a month ago , at the time, and all of the emails were stuck in my spam folder!

Okay you got an interview set up with a good company..what do you do now…? I’ll tell you what you do! You prepare for it, how do you do that you ask? The first step is to spend twenty or thirty minutes reading about this new company in your life, that way if you are asked what attracted you to that company during the interview you’ll have a good answer! The second task is to look20181102_112850 your best on the outside, see they don’t know how smart, talented and interesting you are yet so you have to show them…with your clothes. Obviously dress appropriately; if you are working in an office wear a suit, if you are working retail wear something fashionable and professional, if you are interviewing to be a farmhand dress for it! Also remember the people interviewing you are just people and were likely in that same spot a few years of months ago. So be personable, make eye contact, actively listen to what they say and you’ll be fine!

There you have it, my best advice and tips for getting a job! I sincerely hop that you can use something from this article to help you. I do have one more very important piece of advice for you that I heard from somewhere years ago and it has always stuck in the back of my mind.

You can fail at what you don’t love so you might as well try at what you do love. 



It’s Halloween!

It’s Halloween!

       Happy Halloween everyone!! …Or happy Wednesday if you don’t celebrate Halloween. But if you do have I got a post for you today! How ever you plan to spend tonight I have got something for you in this post! Wither you are going to a party, hosting a party, carving pumpkins,  staying home, or taking yourself or your children trick or treating, I have a treat for you somewhere in here. So here we go, but first and fore most I remind everyone wither you are celebrating tonight or this next weekend to be safe and have fun!

Okay lets start with the, possibly most important part of a good Halloween, the CANDY! Don’t be caught giving out bad candy or god forbid…vegetables! Don’t fear I’m here to help and parents this list will let you in on what candy to steal at the end of the night when you “check” you children’s trick or treating bag…


  • TWIXchild holding halloween candy basket
  • ALMOND JOYS (if you like coconut)


  • 100 GRAND

THE WORST CANDY….don’t be caught (UN)dead giving out these awful candies


Wither you are going to or hosting your local Halloween bash here are two super quick and scary good cocktail recipes! Now I’m a vodka girl so that’s what these two drinks contain so they are 21+! so please dink responsibly and be careful when using dry ice in drinks and be sure to use the correct equipment to drink it safely.

Witches Brew

1 Punch Bowl

  • 1 (2 liter)of Lemon- Lime flavored Soda clear mason jar with sliced lemon
  • 3 cups of Pineapple Juice
  • 1 of package Lime Gelatin
  • 2 cups of Vodka
  • 2 cubs of Water

 A Vampires Kiss

1 glass

  • 2 oz of Vodka
  • 2 oz of Cranberry Juice
  • 1 “splash” of Ginger Ale
  • 1 Maraschino Cherry (optional)
  • 1 tbsp of Dry Ice

Okay so if you decided to stay home (like I did) greeting trick or treat-ers and what not but you still want to be in the Halloween spirit I’ve got some movies/ shows for you! So, I’m currently binging the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina  on Netflix and let me tell you it is spooktacular!! If you have cable consider turning it to your local Free Form channel where they are doing a 24 hour screening of the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus (witch is a big favorite of mine)!

woman in black and white collared dress holding pumpkin during daytime
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So there you have it, a little something for every Halloween occasion!! I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!!



the worlds best gluten free stew

the worlds best gluten free stew

Before I share my favorite stew recipe, I just wanted to apologize I know I said I would start posting twice a week and I didn’t. Sorry I’ve had a lot going on but rest assured I’ll get a routine with my blog and  my NEW JOB! That’s right NEW JOB but anyway back to the stew! When I had to go gluten free there were so many things = I never would have thought about gluten in and stew  is one of them. Especially if you like a think and hardy stew like I do a lot of people use four to thicken up all their their soups. I also recently moved in with my boyfriend and  let me tell you finding recipes that are only for two people that aren’t  freezer food is a bitch! So here is the stew for 2 recipe!

Stew for two! 


  • 3 med carrots
  • 4 med or small potatoes
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 med onion
  • corn starch
    • to thicken up the stew
  • 1 bay leaf
  • parsley
  • 1 lb. of stew meat
  • 4 cups of beef broth
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • salt and pepper
  1.  Chop; carrots, potatoes, onion, & celery into bite sized pieces. Crush the 2 cloves of garlic into small pieces then set aside.
  2. Sear stew meat in skillet then add it as well as the; broth, carrots, celery, potatoes, garlic and all seasoning to your pot.
  3. Obviously, you want to let it “stew” ( see what I did there?) as long as possible, especially if you like to cook in your crock pot. But if you are cooking with a stove top pot at least let it simmer for an hour or so, stirring occasionally.’
  4. Your stew should thicken up as it simmers but if by the end its not as think as you would like then you add a tablespoon of corn starch and here is how ya do it
    1.  you measure out a tablespoon of corn starch and put in in a glass the you take the cold water, not a lot, just enough to dilute the corn starch and mix it up and pour in into the stew.
    2. make sure to wait 5 to 8 mins before adding another tablespoon of corn starch, you don’t want it to be to thick.
my October faves!

my October faves!

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! Since the month is almost over I figured it was time to do my October 2018 favorites list! To kick this months list is something my boyfriend made for me… needless to say I fell in love with his hot chocolate.

white ceramic cup with white cream

See that day I wasn’t feeling like myself and he noticed. He came over with a (almost literally) over flowing coffee mug that looked amazingly yummy! I was right it was SO good that it made this months faves list, so that I canto pass his recipe on to you.

Dillon’s Best Bad Day Hot Chocolate Recipe

  •  half coffee
  • half milk
  •  hot coco packet
  • & LOTS AND LOTS of whipped creme
    • Yes it really is that simple…and that yummy!




As far as apps this month I have discovered an app that is eerily right in projecting your daily futures through beautifully 20181021_193013screenshot_20181021-193125_mysticmondaysdesigned taro cards that reset every night at midnight! This >>> was my card for today October, twenty-first…

which is VERY fitting considering I have made the decision to start posting TWICE a week!! As well as to start really giving my all to this blog and putting in all the effort required to grow my passion for writing. So, I will see you again this Wednesday! With a recipe on gluten free stew!



my summer favorites!

my summer favorites!

Since summer is almost over I thought I’d compile a list of my favorites, things I discovered and things I’m all out obsessed with.


This summers color (for me) was PINK. I found this drink early in the summer at my cousin’s bridal shower  and let me tell you it is a god sent! I’ve always loved champagne and rose but I have found they can be bitter. Cotton candy is perfect! Wither you eat it or drop it in your glass it cuts the bitterness but doesn’t over power the flavors of the drinks either. Plus the cotton candy adds to the beauty of the drinks.🍾

sex and the city.jpg

I’ve currently been binging  Sex and the City, I watched the show in high school (when I knew NOTHING about anything). I’ve gotten back into it since I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s new apartment. I understand it so much more not that I’m a (kinda) adult. Its very interesting to me how you can watch the same things through out life and get or identify with something new every time you watch it.  Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are always giving me a different perspective on life as a women. Its refreshing to get such honesty from a TV show. It was such a revolutionary show for its time and so many great one- liners. 👠

screenshot_20180910-163550_we-heart-it1As for my new favorite app for my phone it is called We Heart It. I feel like its a cross between Pinterest and Instagram…but with articles. Yes, it does contain adds (as you can see in my screenshots below) but if they bother you they have a premium for as low at $1.49 for six months. The adds don’t bother me so I just have the free version. This app is available on android and apple devices for free (unless you want the premium). I find We Heart It very inspiring. You can have as many

screenshot_20180911-095855_we-heart-it1.jpgcollections on your profile as you like, so as you find pictures or articles that line up with whatever you are obsessed with at the time and put it in a collection for later. Their site is easy to use with the app or on your computer. You could literally scroll FOREVER and never run out of new articles and pictures. I would absolutely recommend this app if you are needing some scheduled inspiration. 💟

🏖🌊🌤 Well there you have it my 2018 summer faves!

How to make a chicken pot pie!

How to make a chicken pot pie!

There is a reason the expression goes “as easy as pie”. I always thought that chicken pot pie was going to be difficult to make, I mean theses the crust… how do u make the filling? What if its to bread-y? Boy was I wrong!

baked baking beef brown

For the base I used

  • one can of crescent rolls

For the Filling I began but cutting the two chicken breasts into bit size cubes, then  I sauteed them in an iron skillet. Then I mixed

  • two cans of creme of chicken soup
  • one minced onion
  • two cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • the cooked chicken
  • one bag of assorted frozen veggies
  • one bag of cubed potatoes (this added major flavor and made the mix go farther

Then I covered and “sealed” everything up with another can of crescent rolls coated in butter.

Social Media Feels.

Social Media Feels.

Social media is a wonderful! Its an amazing way for you to keep up with your family and friends… or in my case for my sister and I to share the best cat videos back and forth. But with anything like this there is always someone who takes advantage of the platform they are given.

You probably knew them in high school or meet them in that one health class you took

facebook application icon

your first semester at collage.  Even though you were roughly the same age somehow they always had the best stories, outfits and actually knew how to do a proper dead lift without help. They always make you feel bad like you aren’t living your life right.

These people are usually already wildly beautiful, tall and already crazy smart. We all have that “friend”  who always seems to be jetting off to some new and exotic destinations on an almost weekly basis. They always maintain a fabulous lifestyle but rarely go to work and if they do they look picture perfect all day everyday. They have the best clothes,  best friends and their hair is never out of place….at least that’s how they seem.

M ,the perfect women living in my screen, and I went to high school with, we grew up literally ten minutes apart. She goes to a university , has no job But still maintains this wonderfully fabulous lifestyle. I finally had to unfriend her Because it made me feel that bad Here why she was spending her days sitting on the beach getting a wonderful tan I was at the doctors office. She was having mimosas overlooking New York City while I was at my job, it was just too much.

woman lying on pink flamingo bouy on body of water
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So I unfriended her period And you wanna know what I felt so much better So my advice is if you have somebody like this in your life makes you feel bad for just living a regular life. No one should make you feel bad about just living your life.



As you may already know I’m a personal assistant to a very successful women in Nashville. She is so inspiring to be around and as we all know inspiring and successful people hang together. Anyway, my boss had this amazing party to celebrate the lunar eclipse this last week. Sense the moon is all about feminine energy, only women were invited, for the party she picked the women who have the most positive influence in her life right now, and of course, I was invited as well. (I think more to be influenced more than an influence others).

woman falling in line holding each other
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 So, here I am in the room with ten or twelve crazy successful and influential women; surrounded by food, wine and laughter. Our hostess went around the large wooden table and introduced all of us to one another she told how each and everyone of us effects her life for the positive as well as letting the room in on our struggles. The best thing about these women as I got to speaking and kinda getting to know them is the variety in their “successes” but not only that their struggles as well how so many of theses women exceeded and overcame when the odds stacked against many of them from day one and no they didn’t let that stop them.

group hand fist bump
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As we went around the table telling our struggles this weird thing happened to me I didn’t feel alone in my struggle. Even though no one there was going through the exact same thing as me it made me feel better about my struggle. As women we are expected to be put together ALL the time, to never crack or you are labeled as weak. and you best believe we are taught this from a young age. After a while we just act like this all the time and never let on we are hurting or falling apart. The women next to me lost her husband and now raises a special needs child on her own in addition to two other children. Then there was the healer, a music mogul, an international restraint owner, and a women who teaches CEO’s how to be good leaders. These are the women I want to be friends with for sure, and these are only a few of them.

I was so thankful to have such a wonderful boss in my life. Someone who was willing to share these inspirational women with me. Hearing how these women came back after facing tragedy, horrible circumstances, illness and how they got through it in their own ways just made me feel so much better about my current struggles. I know that as long as I surround myself with resilient women I can over come anything.

Look for people who inspire and push you to be your best self, and who help you up when you fall in your life. They are worth their weight in gold.

my new Netflix fix.

my new Netflix fix.

photo of maneki neko figurineMy likes and dislikes change about every week, especially sense I’ve gotten Netflix. Anyway so this week I’m into Japanese show called The Good Morning Call. I’ve never really been into reading subtitles all the way through the movie and honestly thought it was kinda lame and if you didn’t know the language it would distract from the show or movie. However,  I have always been interested in other cultures and this was a great way to learn about them. I was so wrong about subtitles after a while don’t distract the add to it you get to see the translation into your chosen language and you get to hear the original script, how their language works its pretty amazing. Here is the link to the trailer for The Good Morning Call season one. I do caution you the first few episodes are hella cheesy but that’s alright.




I’ve always thought of myself as a good listener with four adults, two teenage boys,  a five year old, and two toddlers there is always enough people talking in one house.  So, I am a very good listener…or rather I feel like I am.



Yesterday, per usual, my family and I were outside in the garden just hanging out; myself my sister Samantha, and her three children. It is a truly beautiful Tennessee afternoon the moon was just coming up, it was the perfect temperature and, you could just feel the coming rain. Anyway. We are all sitting outside just enjoying the atmosphere. My brothers bust out of the house, also per usual, fighting. I was sitting with my three year old niece Clara, who was sitting on my lap cupping my face and telling me how beautiful the moon was, and how pretty the clouds were. Then my brothers both came to sit with us obviously still angry about whatever it was. They were yelling and saying mean things to one another, it was loud enough to draw my niece’s and I attention. They both blow up, as I think most of us did at that age, over anything and it normally ends as fast as it began, luckily this tat was no different.  After they resolved their fight they calmed down.we all resumed sitting around talking about our days.

Later in the afternoon ,I heard Clara and her brother arguing over a toy they both wanted to play with and out of nowhere Clara started saying what my brothers had said to one another to her brother. This really made me think about how calling names and being cruel are  one hundred percent learned behavior and to really think about the words we as a family put in our other family members mouths. I had said words like “beautiful” and “fluffy” but you can’t always count on your other peoples words to be as loving. I’m not saying anyone is perfect when it comes to being mindful about what they say because that is unrealistic especially if you, like most people have emotions. I implore you to pay a little more attention to the words you put in your own mouth. Don’t put words of hate and anger in you or your family’s mouths.

when you need help.

when you need help.

black and white blank challenge connect
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I am lost in every way. I have no idea what to do with my life. I used to have a rigid  plain & knew exactly what I wanted, and how to get it. I also knew exactly what my backup plains were and how to get to them. However,  a wrench of biblical proportions got thrown into plain A…then plain B and plain C followed suit. So at my plains for the future, health, and all around life were crumbling around me as a eighteen year old girl. I fell into a emotionally irresponsible relationship and quite literally put my life on hold for almost two years. It was one of the worst times in my life.

I always wondered why no one helped me, how no one in my life saw how sad I was and how I need guidance and extra love. Then the other day it hit me why people don’t help you, even when you voice it many many times. Because we always look so polished, we all look like we have our lives together…if only on the outside.

As a women I feel the pressure every day to look pretty; wear make up, put on a fashionable outfit, smile, look happy. There are just so many things you have to do everyday just to be look socially acceptable. I know that this is not only a problem for women, the amount of pressure to look, act and feel a certain way all the time is so high all the time it’s crazy.

So the moral of the story is if you are falling apart tell someone as many times as it takes you will find guidance in surprising places. Know you can’t always be perfect and that’s alright, it’s part of being human. You will figure it out I have faith in you don’t let the pressure of life.

things every girl should have

things every girl should have

photo of woman walk through pathway
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  • in her purse
    •  a cute wallet
      • obviously
    • a shemergency kit
      • this kit includes everything a women needs in a emergency
        • mascara
        • lipstick
        • band-aids
        • hair bows
        • bobby pins
        • deodorant
        •  tide to go pin
        • a small sewing kit
        • tampons
        • lotion
        • strong mints
    • Advil or Tylenol
      • in case you get a head ace
    • ear phones
      • for that annoying guy who never shuts up on your bus
    • gum or mints
      • never know where the day  is going to take you *wink wink
    • a compact
      • to see your beautiful face
    • phone charger
      • for when your days run long
    • lip gloss
      • keep that lip gloss pop-in
    • pen and paper
      • to write down all of your good ideas.. or what you need to pick up on the way home
    • a handkerchief or tissue
      • snot is so not attractive
    • hand sanitizer
    • a planner
      • I’m a hand written kind of girl if you are as well you have a written planner, if not you have one on your phone, whichever one you have just make sure its with you.
    • laptop
      • it’s never a bad decision to have your laptop with you ever if you don’t use it everyday.
  • in her heart and mind
    • a positive attitude
      • it is sometimes very difficult but a good attitude is essential for a good life
    • a grip
      • a lady should always have a good grip on her emotions
    • unconditional love for herself and others
      • this one should go with out explaining
  • on her person
    • a watch
    • glasses or sunglasses
    • hair ties
      • nobody likes a sweaty neck
    • cash
      • $20 or $50
      • to keep in her shoes or bra
      • only to use in case of an emergency to get out of a bad situation or to better one
my first post

my first post


As you can tell by the title of this post I’m new here.  So hey what’s up? I look forward to getting to know you and for you to get to know me as well. 

Me first though *wink

I’m twenty one years old. I have two auto immune diseases and are as follows;

Hashimoto’s disease

a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid.


Addison’s disease

a condition where the adrenal glands produce insufficient amounts of the hormones cortisol and aldosterone.

I am still currently struggling with both of them, even though I’ve been diagnosed with both of them upwards of a year. It is really easy to dwell on all the negative  symptoms they cause, as well as the  thought that theses two details of my life control me forever and  honestly, that scares the hell out of me. So, this is me not letting those details of my biology control my life choices.

My other reasons for creating this blog is for a creative outlet, as well as, to connect with others, through sharing my life with you.

  I plan to post at least once a week maybe two or more… so I guess we will just have to see then. 😉

I’ll see ya next week!