things every girl should have

things every girl should have

photo of woman walk through pathway
Photo by Dương Nhân on
  • in her purse
    •  a cute wallet
      • obviously
    • a shemergency kit
      • this kit includes everything a women needs in a emergency
        • mascara
        • lipstick
        • band-aids
        • hair bows
        • bobby pins
        • deodorant
        •  tide to go pin
        • a small sewing kit
        • tampons
        • lotion
        • strong mints
    • Advil or Tylenol
      • in case you get a head ace
    • ear phones
      • for that annoying guy who never shuts up on your bus
    • gum or mints
      • never know where the day  is going to take you *wink wink
    • a compact
      • to see your beautiful face
    • phone charger
      • for when your days run long
    • lip gloss
      • keep that lip gloss pop-in
    • pen and paper
      • to write down all of your good ideas.. or what you need to pick up on the way home
    • a handkerchief or tissue
      • snot is so not attractive
    • hand sanitizer
    • a planner
      • I’m a hand written kind of girl if you are as well you have a written planner, if not you have one on your phone, whichever one you have just make sure its with you.
    • laptop
      • it’s never a bad decision to have your laptop with you ever if you don’t use it everyday.
  • in her heart and mind
    • a positive attitude
      • it is sometimes very difficult but a good attitude is essential for a good life
    • a grip
      • a lady should always have a good grip on her emotions
    • unconditional love for herself and others
      • this one should go with out explaining
  • on her person
    • a watch
    • glasses or sunglasses
    • hair ties
      • nobody likes a sweaty neck
    • cash
      • $20 or $50
      • to keep in her shoes or bra
      • only to use in case of an emergency to get out of a bad situation or to better one

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