I’ve always thought of myself as a good listener with four adults, two teenage boys,  a five year old, and two toddlers there is always enough people talking in one house.  So, I am a very good listener…or rather I feel like I am.



Yesterday, per usual, my family and I were outside in the garden just hanging out; myself my sister Samantha, and her three children. It is a truly beautiful Tennessee afternoon the moon was just coming up, it was the perfect temperature and, you could just feel the coming rain. Anyway. We are all sitting outside just enjoying the atmosphere. My brothers bust out of the house, also per usual, fighting. I was sitting with my three year old niece Clara, who was sitting on my lap cupping my face and telling me how beautiful the moon was, and how pretty the clouds were. Then my brothers both came to sit with us obviously still angry about whatever it was. They were yelling and saying mean things to one another, it was loud enough to draw my niece’s and I attention. They both blow up, as I think most of us did at that age, over anything and it normally ends as fast as it began, luckily this tat was no different.  After they resolved their fight they calmed down.we all resumed sitting around talking about our days.

Later in the afternoon ,I heard Clara and her brother arguing over a toy they both wanted to play with and out of nowhere Clara started saying what my brothers had said to one another to her brother. This really made me think about how calling names and being cruel are  one hundred percent learned behavior and to really think about the words we as a family put in our other family members mouths. I had said words like “beautiful” and “fluffy” but you can’t always count on your other peoples words to be as loving. I’m not saying anyone is perfect when it comes to being mindful about what they say because that is unrealistic especially if you, like most people have emotions. I implore you to pay a little more attention to the words you put in your own mouth. Don’t put words of hate and anger in you or your family’s mouths.

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