my new Netflix fix.

my new Netflix fix.

photo of maneki neko figurineMy likes and dislikes change about every week, especially sense I’ve gotten Netflix. Anyway so this week I’m into Japanese show called The Good Morning Call. I’ve never really been into reading subtitles all the way through the movie and honestly thought it was kinda lame and if you didn’t know the language it would distract from the show or movie. However,  I have always been interested in other cultures and this was a great way to learn about them. I was so wrong about subtitles after a while don’t distract the add to it you get to see the translation into your chosen language and you get to hear the original script, how their language works its pretty amazing. Here is the link to the trailer for The Good Morning Call season one. I do caution you the first few episodes are hella cheesy but that’s alright.


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