As you may already know I’m a personal assistant to a very successful women in Nashville. She is so inspiring to be around and as we all know inspiring and successful people hang together. Anyway, my boss had this amazing party to celebrate the lunar eclipse this last week. Sense the moon is all about feminine energy, only women were invited, for the party she picked the women who have the most positive influence in her life right now, and of course, I was invited as well. (I think more to be influenced more than an influence others).

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 So, here I am in the room with ten or twelve crazy successful and influential women; surrounded by food, wine and laughter. Our hostess went around the large wooden table and introduced all of us to one another she told how each and everyone of us effects her life for the positive as well as letting the room in on our struggles. The best thing about these women as I got to speaking and kinda getting to know them is the variety in their “successes” but not only that their struggles as well how so many of theses women exceeded and overcame when the odds stacked against many of them from day one and no they didn’t let that stop them.

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As we went around the table telling our struggles this weird thing happened to me I didn’t feel alone in my struggle. Even though no one there was going through the exact same thing as me it made me feel better about my struggle. As women we are expected to be put together ALL the time, to never crack or you are labeled as weak. and you best believe we are taught this from a young age. After a while we just act like this all the time and never let on we are hurting or falling apart. The women next to me lost her husband and now raises a special needs child on her own in addition to two other children. Then there was the healer, a music mogul, an international restraint owner, and a women who teaches CEO’s how to be good leaders. These are the women I want to be friends with for sure, and these are only a few of them.

I was so thankful to have such a wonderful boss in my life. Someone who was willing to share these inspirational women with me. Hearing how these women came back after facing tragedy, horrible circumstances, illness and how they got through it in their own ways just made me feel so much better about my current struggles. I know that as long as I surround myself with resilient women I can over come anything.

Look for people who inspire and push you to be your best self, and who help you up when you fall in your life. They are worth their weight in gold.

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