Social Media Feels.

Social Media Feels.

Social media is a wonderful! Its an amazing way for you to keep up with your family and friends… or in my case for my sister and I to share the best cat videos back and forth. But with anything like this there is always someone who takes advantage of the platform they are given.

You probably knew them in high school or meet them in that one health class you took

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your first semester at collage.  Even though you were roughly the same age somehow they always had the best stories, outfits and actually knew how to do a proper dead lift without help. They always make you feel bad like you aren’t living your life right.

These people are usually already wildly beautiful, tall and already crazy smart. We all have that “friend”  who always seems to be jetting off to some new and exotic destinations on an almost weekly basis. They always maintain a fabulous lifestyle but rarely go to work and if they do they look picture perfect all day everyday. They have the best clothes,  best friends and their hair is never out of place….at least that’s how they seem.

M ,the perfect women living in my screen, and I went to high school with, we grew up literally ten minutes apart. She goes to a university , has no job But still maintains this wonderfully fabulous lifestyle. I finally had to unfriend her Because it made me feel that bad Here why she was spending her days sitting on the beach getting a wonderful tan I was at the doctors office. She was having mimosas overlooking New York City while I was at my job, it was just too much.

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So I unfriended her period And you wanna know what I felt so much better So my advice is if you have somebody like this in your life makes you feel bad for just living a regular life. No one should make you feel bad about just living your life.

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