my summer favorites!

my summer favorites!

Since summer is almost over I thought I’d compile a list of my favorites, things I discovered and things I’m all out obsessed with.


This summers color (for me) was PINK. I found this drink early in the summer at my cousin’s bridal shower  and let me tell you it is a god sent! I’ve always loved champagne and rose but I have found they can be bitter. Cotton candy is perfect! Wither you eat it or drop it in your glass it cuts the bitterness but doesn’t over power the flavors of the drinks either. Plus the cotton candy adds to the beauty of the drinks.🍾

sex and the city.jpg

I’ve currently been binging  Sex and the City, I watched the show in high school (when I knew NOTHING about anything). I’ve gotten back into it since I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s new apartment. I understand it so much more not that I’m a (kinda) adult. Its very interesting to me how you can watch the same things through out life and get or identify with something new every time you watch it.  Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are always giving me a different perspective on life as a women. Its refreshing to get such honesty from a TV show. It was such a revolutionary show for its time and so many great one- liners. 👠

screenshot_20180910-163550_we-heart-it1As for my new favorite app for my phone it is called We Heart It. I feel like its a cross between Pinterest and Instagram…but with articles. Yes, it does contain adds (as you can see in my screenshots below) but if they bother you they have a premium for as low at $1.49 for six months. The adds don’t bother me so I just have the free version. This app is available on android and apple devices for free (unless you want the premium). I find We Heart It very inspiring. You can have as many

screenshot_20180911-095855_we-heart-it1.jpgcollections on your profile as you like, so as you find pictures or articles that line up with whatever you are obsessed with at the time and put it in a collection for later. Their site is easy to use with the app or on your computer. You could literally scroll FOREVER and never run out of new articles and pictures. I would absolutely recommend this app if you are needing some scheduled inspiration. 💟

🏖🌊🌤 Well there you have it my 2018 summer faves!

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