my October faves!

my October faves!

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! Since the month is almost over I figured it was time to do my October 2018 favorites list! To kick this months list is something my boyfriend made for me… needless to say I fell in love with his hot chocolate.

white ceramic cup with white cream

See that day I wasn’t feeling like myself and he noticed. He came over with a (almost literally) over flowing coffee mug that looked amazingly yummy! I was right it was SO good that it made this months faves list, so that I canto pass his recipe on to you.

Dillon’s Best Bad Day Hot Chocolate Recipe

  •  half coffee
  • half milk
  •  hot coco packet
  • & LOTS AND LOTS of whipped creme
    • Yes it really is that simple…and that yummy!




As far as apps this month I have discovered an app that is eerily right in projecting your daily futures through beautifully 20181021_193013screenshot_20181021-193125_mysticmondaysdesigned taro cards that reset every night at midnight! This >>> was my card for today October, twenty-first…

which is VERY fitting considering I have made the decision to start posting TWICE a week!! As well as to start really giving my all to this blog and putting in all the effort required to grow my passion for writing. So, I will see you again this Wednesday! With a recipe on gluten free stew!



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