finding the job…and ACING the interview.

finding the job…and ACING the interview.

Happy November to you all!  So I don’t know about you but this year has been all about  change for me. How about you? What has been your life’s main theme so far this year? For me I know it’s change because I met an amazing man last year and from the moment I saw him I knew my life wouldn’t be the same but anyway! I moved in with him and had to find a new job and that is what I wanted to talk to you about in this post, having recently gone through the whole ordeal I figured my insight could be helpful.

So, finding the jobs can be done using one or all of these methods I listed below;

  • newspaper
  • online
  • in person
  • friends and family

I used all four of these methods to get my new job. I used Ziprecruier the most and it was crazy helpful! At first online searching was the easiest but I do caution you. If a job seems just to good to be true… it might be! The internet is such an amazing tool, that we are very privileged to have access to, however there will always be awful people taking advantage of others. If you think this might be happening but you don’t know for sure try finding a Facebook for the business or a website, but no job is worth your body and possibly life. But enough with the dark side of the internet, lets move on!

So, the second thing you will need, and no one told me this, is time. Yep, time! I am very impatient.. like VERY impatient. So this part was hard for me because I thought something was wrong with me but with theses bigger corporations it has to go through so many hands its impossible to get a word back super quick. I also learned a very valuable lesson this time around was to CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! I hadn’t heard anything back from any of the companies I had applied for over a month ago , at the time, and all of the emails were stuck in my spam folder!

Okay you got an interview set up with a good company..what do you do now…? I’ll tell you what you do! You prepare for it, how do you do that you ask? The first step is to spend twenty or thirty minutes reading about this new company in your life, that way if you are asked what attracted you to that company during the interview you’ll have a good answer! The second task is to look20181102_112850 your best on the outside, see they don’t know how smart, talented and interesting you are yet so you have to show them…with your clothes. Obviously dress appropriately; if you are working in an office wear a suit, if you are working retail wear something fashionable and professional, if you are interviewing to be a farmhand dress for it! Also remember the people interviewing you are just people and were likely in that same spot a few years of months ago. So be personable, make eye contact, actively listen to what they say and you’ll be fine!

There you have it, my best advice and tips for getting a job! I sincerely hop that you can use something from this article to help you. I do have one more very important piece of advice for you that I heard from somewhere years ago and it has always stuck in the back of my mind.

You can fail at what you don’t love so you might as well try at what you do love. 



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