The best ways to work off those holiday calories, for the coming seasons!

The best ways to work off those holiday calories, for the coming seasons!

So if you are like me you ate like thirty-five cookies and THEN eating Christmas dinner. And thanksgiving was about the same but thirty-five rolls instead of cookies… So, I made a list of my favorite physical activities to kinda work off  those cookies!

Okay so most people say they can’t workout in the colder month because (duh) its to cold out, and that is NO excuse! Here are some fun and mostly free things to get that heart pumping and fat melting off. (Take that cookies!)  The first activity to do in the winter is to eat a cleaner diet! By just switching out a few things in your everyday life can really impact your health in a big way… ha! man I could barely get through typing that without laughing! My favorite thing to do anytime of year is to have sex. Give me a minute to explain! Don’t judge me just yet! Did you know that during the average sex secession men burn up to 4.2 calories per minute and women burn up to 3.1 calories, making the total for men 100 calories and women a total of 69 calories per “session”! Isn’t that the best thing you have ever heard!! Yep! So now you have a REALLY good reason, I mean besides the obvious reasons to have sex, and a bunch of sex at that!

woman hiking

So in springtime you can do so many outdoorsy things without even getting to hot! So, it is the perfect time of year to do everything outside! I am very lucky to live next to one of our nations great state parks. So I have almost every outdoor activity just a fifteen minute drive away. And mostly everything you can do in a state park is free (minus gas) and its fantastic! My boyfriends favorite thing to do is hiking around the park. He always picks out the best trails to. It really is one of his favorite thing to do. When I am home on the farm my brothers and I like to ride around the farm. And if I’m being totally honest riding bikes never did feel like working out and that is a great feeling.

crown group modern motion

                                                      However, my number one favorite way of burning off calories is shopping. Yes shopping and no I don’t have any money so its manly me just walking around looking at things and wishing I could buy them… I guess that’s where the cardio comes in. 👠



So there are some of my favorite things to do to work off some of those cookies and rolls from your holiday season!

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