How to make your new place into your new home!

How to make your new place into your new home!

I recently moved out for the first time on my own…well not all on my own I moved in with my boyfriend. And that was a HUGE step for me, I have never lived away from my family before. SO needless to say I was terrified and excited (like crazy excited!!) So as we were moving our stuff into our new home I noticed a few things we coulda shoulda woulda done differently and I kept a list of all of the hickups and I’m going to share them with you so you don’t make the same mistakes we did!!

No matter if you are moving into an apartment or a big house, I have some great tips for you to use before and after you get to your new place! I learned most of the things the hard way, so please read this before you move!

  1.  As you are packing up try to visualize where you are going to put everything before you pack it.
  2. Also you aren’t going to get it right the first time, so don’t be afraid to move it… like five hundred times!


Once you get to your new home the first thing you do is unpack your Bluetooth speaker or(in my case) your record player and crank your favorite songs up!! Music makes unpacking  a lot easier!

(This was the first thing I set up!)

So, at this point all of your major furniture, boxes (oh SO many boxes) anyway, so your furniture is at least kinda close to where you want it, and the boxes are just everywhere (and NO ONE can help with that one!)

Once you get everything (kinda) set up, you can do a few things to help you and your partner or just you settle in to your new place! So the first thing I did was grab a bunch of candles and places them around the house and simply lighting them makes your new house feel a little more like home. Another thing I did which really made me feel better about my new space was to make some sweets with your first dinner. When you make dinner make sure you make some comfort food for you and your partner, that way you feel more comfortable in y’all’s new space!!

Staying IN!!

So the truly fantastic thing about having your own space is the face that you can stay in! If you want to have a party… HAVE A HOUSEWARMING PARTY!  If you just moved in with your man (like I did) christen THAT HOUSE!! Stay up and watch your favorite movies with your new rommie! No matter what you do just make that new space yours! 

I really hope this article helps you with your next move!!

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