How to Get Ready in 15 mins. or less!

How to Get Ready in 15 mins. or less!

“You woke up late again huh?  Isn’t that the second time this week?”   If your anything like me, you wake up late and have a conversation like this maybe once or twice a week and if so this article is for you! 

Lets start with your outfit…

When I’m in a hurry I always start with my outfit but then I try on like three or four then realize that I can’t do this with out my makeup and hair done… so on to make up and hair.

Make-Up and Hair 

So my hair is (usually) pretty easy to work with on a daily basis. I just have to run a straightener through it and that is really nice. With the time constant make sure to do something really simple but be sure you do something to it! Nothing makes you look like you didn’t put in any effort like some crazy hair! Even if it’s simply brushing your hair and applying some anti-frizz spray along with some hair spray, it will make a world of difference!! As far as make up if time does not permit then I just implement my “go to”  makeup routine. Never leaving out applying my moisturizer at the beginning. I just go simple with a pink blush color eye shadow and mascara and some quick  application of highlighter to my cheekbone and I’m done in under 10 minutes in the bathroom.

 OK Back to Your Outfit!!

You could just go with the first you try in but whats the fun in that?!

woman in pink suit coat leaning on green steel fenceBut no matter how many outfits you can try on in 5 minutes, it’s always best to go with a very simple outfit. I LOVE taking fashion risks but a rushed day is not a rushed day! These days are simple, classic outfit days! I think its best to go with a dress, or a romper if the weather permits if not a pair of dark wash jeans along with a white framed eyeglasses on white jacket and blue denim bottoms If you still want to add a little pzazz to it add your best pair of shoes like in this picture I provided with the perfect pink suit on the far left.

Even though this day didn’t start out perfect doesn’t mean you can’t look perfect!!  I hope some of these tips help you in the fifteen minutes before you have to leave! 

 -Have a fabulous day, Bailey.


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