How to… become a universally respected and admired professional.

How to… become a universally respected and admired professional.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or new to an office receptionist? Or have you been in your office for a long time but wondering why you keep getting passed over for that promotion? If any or either of these apply to you then here is the article for you! I’ve created a quick notes version for office success.


Okay, let’s start with what everyone sees about you first, your outfit. What you wear speaks volumes about you before you even open your mouth… so you need to make sure that what you “say” with what you wear is appropriate, thoughtful, and intelligent.

When getting dressed whether it’s for your day at your new job or your thousandth day on the job, you should always dress professionally, in a timeless style that is appropriate for everything and everyone you will be meeting throughout your day. And don’t be scared of the word “timeless”, they are called that for a reason, all of the pieces no matter where you work or where you are these pieces will shine through.

Some staple pieces you will need for a “timeless” style include;

  • a black pencil skirt
  • a white button up blouse
  • at least three suits (or more depending on where you work)
  • two silk scarves (one black, one navy)
  • several pairs of comfortable heels
  • dresses (at least knee length), skirts (also knee length)
  • blouses ( the trick with these is that you can re wear any trousers you get, as long as you change out the blouses).

I’m sure there are many more pieces that you can will need but these are just a few that you will likely need in your capsule wardrobe. A great place to get almost all of these pieces is Talbots, I know many of you know this store as you grandmothers and great aunts favorite clothing store but I have to say even being twenty two I really like a lot of their styles, they are suprising on trend with all of their pieces while balancing elegant and timeless pieces.


Here are some tips for being a respectable as well as well as professional women,

  • Speak with purpose
    • Never let your emotions fuel your words.
    • Keep gossip out of your mind and mouth.
    • Curse words, it’s difficult when you get used to saying them but it can make you sound unintelligent.
  • Make sure when you are talking, you get to the point
    • I know it’s a strange thing to suggest but so many people will just ramble on and on about basically nothing, and that does NOT look good when your boss sees you.


The only thing you need to do is to act with self-respect and dignity. Many young women were never taught how to to act in a professional environment or any environment for that matter. However if you keep you self-respect and dignity in and out of the office, you will be a respectable and professional women in no time!!

Quick Tip*

Make sure even when you are not in the office that you are dressed appropriately, not that I’m saying that you should be in a suit 24-7, but what I am saying is that what if you see a prospective client at the grocery store and you are in pajama pants, your hair in a big messy bun and a low cut shirt. The likelihood of  this prospective client singing with your company will likely diminish substantially. But if you had been dressed appropriately you could have had a nice chat with you prospective client and possibly strengthened your relationship!

I hope some of these tips and tricks help you out to be your best professional self!!!