Some of My Favorite TED Talks.

Some of My Favorite TED Talks.

I have a forty- five minute drive to work almost every day, and no matter what music I listened to I would always fall into this driving haze and just be on autopilot. I would try and try to shake myself out of it but nothing would work until I started listing to TED talks while driving! I had always had their app and listened to the TED radio hour on my local NPR station. But in listening to these talks on my way to work, left me feeling inspired and recharged. I told every one of the women I work with about TED and not one of them had heard of it…I was surprised at these women. SO, I made them a list of my favorite talks, now they (and you) can hear some the ones that influence me everyday. I hope you enjoy!

Beautiful & Inspiring Talks

This was one of the fist TED’s I ever listened to and it really blew my mind.

I know the title on this one sounds a little morbid but trust me its uplifting.

I stumbled upon this one totally on accident and am crazy thankful I did, its full of laughs and realizations about the world we all live in.

Oh Honey! This one about saying yes, and how we can all get swept up in our everyday lives as well as the fear we all carry with us. Working moms this one is for you!

I hope at least one of these inspire you to see from a different point of view.

I hope you enjoy listening to some of my favorites!

If you have any TED talks you just love and want to share with me leave them in a comment down below!